Joe's Bio

Born and raised in a small Adirondack Mountain village of New York, Joe has resided in New York City, Wyoming and California. Following his adventurous spirit, Joe has been blessed in experiencing many wonder-filled destinations. More memorable excursions include: Seattle, WA, Eugene, OR, Boston, MA, Virginia Beach, VA, Washington DC, Ocean City, NJ, New Orleans, LA, Orlando, FL, Hershey, PA, Lubbock, TX, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and San Lucas, Guatemala.

In 2013 Joe sold his service business and continued to live in the small village whose residents he had served over the past 20 years. Together, Joe and his family enjoy hiking and biking throughout the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

The Trumansburg United Methodist Church holds a special place in Joe’s heart. He has had the privilege of serving on several church committees over the years. More than a little altruistic, Joe is hopeful for the future and strives to perform good deeds in his church and the community. It is important to Joe that a portion of the church’s budget and energies are focused on worldwide missions as well as concerns at home.

Gratefulness has proven to be Joe’s key to happiness. His light is burning brightly! In an effort to live out a life-long goal of “share your light with another”, Joe hopes that your journey with him will brighten your life in some meaningful way.